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Adina is Australia's only watch brand that designs and assembles its complete watch collection here in Australia. The brand was started in 1971 by watchmaker and current managing director Bob Menzies in response to demand for watches that would with stand the rigors of the Australian way of life. The brand has grown from 3 models in the collection to over 600 with 20 employees, over 50% of whom are watchmakers or watchmakers apprentices., Whilst being sold in Approx 1000 retail outlets. Every component of each Adina watch no matter where they fit in our collection is constructed of the finest material sourced the world over. At a glance most Adina watches comprise of eight separate components from 5 different countries. All of Adinas suppliers are suppling many of the worlds renowned brands. CLOCK DIVISION The clock division comprises of the 3 distict sectors. •Quartz wall and mantle clocks •Mechanical Grandfather, wall and mantle clocks •Government and corporate logo wall clocks The quartz portion of the retail sector is served by a vast array of styles and price points all retailing below $300. Every style of home and office is represented here through being conservative or quite flamboyant. Mechanical clocks (clocks that must be wound) appealing to traditionalist and the top end of the clock market are well served by any of the all timber wall chimers, mantle chimers or grandfather clocks. All are powered by the famous German clock maker Hermle & Sohn movements. The government and corporate sector is supplied with logoed or non logoed on wall clocks for any indoor use in a variety of sizes and finishes in a multitude of price points. For instance it's more than likely if you are sitting a test the University of Qld you will be looking at an Adina clock.

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