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The Palas story goes back to 1996 when my sister Eran and I, both then in our early 20’s, spotted a gap in the retail market for unique jewellery. We were young, we were excited, we had design qualifications and some business experience and we took the plunge – our perhaps naive fearlessness and inherent self-belief the driving forces. We designed a small range of just 30 earring styles, developed an off-shore manufacturing base and launched the collection at our first Sydney trade show. Palas Jewellery was born. But we knew we needed to learn to walk before we ran. We needed to create the Palas ‘brand’ as this would set the tone and remain a vital element of the business and its success and sustainability. So we poured our early energies into the design, marketing and branding of our collection before we were ready to sell into stores. Fast forward 10 years and our hard work in those early years was starting to show. The brand spoke of love and friendship, the range was expanding and being embraced by our target market and we were earning respect in the competitive world of fashion and accessory design. In Eran, I had a dear sister, a best friend and an ideal business partner, whose beautiful creative stamp gave Palas its original styling and was reflected in all of our products. When Eran passed suddenly in 2007, I’d be less than honest if I didn’t confess that I seriously contemplated walking away, putting the Palas Jewellery chapter behind me. Thankfully, I found the courage and the strength to continue, knowing that I owed it to Eran and her memory to keep our shared dream alive. I have since reinvented the collection, allowing my spiritual influences to shine through in the designs that are filled with light and love and feature positive words of friendship, affection and protection. The emotional and personal nature of the jewellery has become the ‘signature’ of the Palas Jewellery brand, which today comprises a portfolio of some 2000 unique and beautiful creations. All are hand-crafted in Indonesia, by traditional Indonesian artisans drawing on centuries of jewellery making in solid sterling silver, solid brass, bronze and pewter. The range is constantly evolving and is available through a network of more than 600 jewellery, lifestyle and fashion stores across Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United Kingdom. Mid-range price points (RRP$26 - $44) position Palas Jewellery as the perfect ‘impulse buy’ that is not only good value but also very beautiful in quality and sentiment. I am continually inspired by Palas Jewellery and by the artistic ingenuity of the people in Indonesia who share my focus of creating jewellery filled with love and passion. Palas Jewellery is a business and a brand I love and am proud of its integrity and heart-felt meaning. I have created a jewellery collection that evokes an emotional connection that is personal to the wearer and symbolic of their life ‘moments’ and story. The feedback I receive through our social media conversations shows how deeply Palas connects with people, some brought to tears when they find a charm that speaks to them. This means so much to me and inspires my future designs. I am so proud to have developed a brand that reflects my own life experiences and personal growth – one that is full of integrity and sincerity and touches the hearts of so many people. That is a great feeling. You are as much a part of the Palas Jewellery designs and success as I am... thank you. Light and love, Anna x Anna Dimond CEO and Designer Palas Jewellery

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