If you have an idea, perhaps a picture from a magazine, or downloaded image from the internet, or perhaps you have sketched a design , however rough it is, e/mail it to info@blizzardsjewellers.com.au and we will get started on communicating with you and understanding what you are wanting to achieve.

If you have set yourself a budget then let us know, we can find diamonds or coloured stones somewhere around the world that will fit your requirements, we are constantly importing shipments from Antwerp, America, India and Israel through our great assortment of Diamond cutters and merchants.

Or perhaps you have some pre loved stones, passed down, then let us know and we can create something to enhance them, most diamonds at a minimum are couple of million years old and they will sparkle and dazzle for a few more, so don’t leave them in the draw.

We can make up a design and e/mail it back to you, we create your design either by computer or by the old way of sketching, Craig has been sketch designing for over 20 years, from there we can hand create your master piece like we have done for so many others over so many years.

Use our contact page to get started.

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