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18ct White Gold Diamond Assher Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Majestic Assher Diamond surrounded by 50 small brilliant cut diamonds, the contrast of the soft internal steps of the Assher and the sparkle of the small brilliant stones is amazing. We can do this design from a .5 carat centre to 1 carat, either in 18ct White Gold or Platinum. We can suit your size and budget. This ring is made to fit a striaght wedding band.

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Product Description

Todays Engagement rings are going through a style metamorphosis of sorts as new designers come on stream with innovative new diamond rings based on this venerable classic in new metals and innovative styles, and Mostly the Cluster Ring… Clusters can have a lot of BLING yet a Simple style classic design.
The diamond cluster ring is perhaps one of the popular designs and striking to the eye, and can be made in many different designs suited to the wearer.