duane Deanne and Duane Jones

“Many thanks to Craig and Lyn for making my dream ring a reality! From the moment I received ‘the rock’ on our 5th wedding anniversary to the finished rings, the process was simple, easy and efficient. When I opened the rings on Christmas morning my eyes filled with tears, they were more beautiful than I expected! I knew you would do a fabulous job Craig and I still find myself admiring my rings at any chance I get! So Thank you Blizzards for making my finger sparkle and my eyes light up!”

  Bridie Thorsen and Dillan Carey

“The hints started to get dropped as Bridie started to point out rings that she liked in shop fronts and magazines. I would always say we would buy a house first before getting married. I went in to Blizzards to seek the expertise of Craig and Lyn. I had a pretty good idea of what she liked from what I had been shown but wanted to add my own twist and design in a custom ring. Craig helped interpret my ideas in to the spectacular design that was put before me. I called in the reinforcements, my mother and mother in law to be to see the design then after sneakily asking her to put my rings on her fingers I was able to get the size and order the ring to be made. Before I knew it the ring was ready to be picked up.

On a trip that I had planned to travel along the great ocean road visiting waterfalls and going on nature walks, I had the ring on me at all times ready for the opportune time. When visiting the Twelve Apostles we reached the main lookout point just as all other tourist left the platform we were alone, we looked out over the horizon standing behind her with my arms wrapped around her I said how beautiful the scenery was. I pulled the ring out and held it in front of her as I said how beautiful she was and asked her to marry me. Forever the team at Blizzards will be ingrained in my memory with the help and support they provided in this exciting time in both of our lives. Bridie loves the ring, whenever friends and family see her ring they say “It’s just so you”. Whenever we visit the store the team, offers to clean her ring as we are currently designing both of our wedding for the special day.

Thank you Blizzards for your help and support.”

Ryan and Jen Butler

“I went into Blizzards with the intention of buying a ring that I knew Jen had commented on in the past and loved. After talking to Craig, we created a plan to better the design of the ring that I had originally planned to buy. Craig and the team made it so easy for someone like me who has no idea where to start with rings with diamonds! Jen absolutely loved her ring, it was better than we ever thought possible. The care that we received from the team at Blizzards has continued to outstand us. Craig even helped me out in getting the ring to me so I could propose on Jen’s Birthday by meeting me halfway between Shepparton and Melbourne, that’s dedication! Thank you SO much to the team at Blizzards. I could not recommend more highly the service and quality they provide. They have continued to support us in our wedding ring design, and I have been able to accessorise for the big day with the gorgeous bridal Jewellery at Blizzards!

Love your work guys.”

  Martin Sullivan and Katie Connelly

“We would like to thank Craig and the Blizzards staff for the amazing job you did on Katie’s gorgeous ring and our wedding bands. Living in Melbourne, we began our search for the perfect ring, and after repeated attempts we could not find what we were looking for. We then had a number of friends back home recommended us to visit Blizzards Jewellers. From the moment we walked in we found Blizzards to be extremely professional and pleasing to work with. From the start they were genuinely happy and excited for us which definitely made it fun. After one visit, all the ideas we had turned in to a single custom design that was exactly what we were looking for and loved. Then working with Craig we found the perfect diamond to go with the design. Craig then followed up with our wedding band that was a perfect match for Katie’s ring and managed to arrange a band for me that everyone else said was impossible to make.

Many Thanks for sharing and helping us make our special day perfect.”

  Matt Jones and Elizabeth Rossignoli

“Matt and I had been together five years and made a home together. At the start of 2013 we began planning our Europe holiday, and I was quietly hopeful that a ring may make the journey to Europe with us. Halfway through our trip after a lovely dinner on the shores of Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre, Italy, I turned to see Matt down on one knee. It was without doubt one of the happiest moments of my life. We returned from Europe at the end of October and went to see Craig and the Blizzard team to design a ring together. Having worked at Blizzards, I knew personally how well Craig carefully selected each diamond and personalised each ring to make what’s only a picture in a girl’s mind, a true reality. Being able to have Craig and the team share a part in our engagement made it even more special. The process was effortless from the start to finish and Craig produced an incredibly stunning ring that was exactly what I wanted. We could not be happier! We cannot thank Craig, Lyn and the team at Blizzards enough for the remarkable job that they did and we look forward to returning to choose and design our wedding bands.”

  Scott McKay and Holly Watts

“Scott completely surprised me by proposing whilst we were on holiday in Ko Samui. After an amazing lunch we were enjoying the beautiful view, Scott got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him, of course I said YES. He presented me with a gorgeous pink flower ring as I had always wanted to have an input into my Engagement Ring.

I wanted to go back home to see Craig at Blizzards to custom design my ring to the way I had always imagined it to be. Craig and Kara were wonderful and they listened to what I wanted and gave me some great advice. Once I had decided on the design, Craig then sourced the perfect Diamond for me and I could not be happier, I couldn’t wait to put it on my finger.

My ring sparkles amazingly and I am extremely happy. I look forward to working with them in the near future for our wedding bands.”

   Christian Barnett and Brooke MacGibbon

“Brooke has always told me that she wanted her engagement ring from Blizzards.

Craig and the team were so helpful and patient allowing us to choose the perfect design for Brooke’s long fingers. The design was not what she initially thought she wanted, however it suited her perfectly.

One the design was finalised I worked closely with Craig to find that perfect Diamond, which he found in New York and made the ring specifically for Brooke. We have had so many compliments on Brooke’s beautiful ring and could not be any happier. We have also had her wedding ring designed and made to compliment her engagement ring.

Thank you Blizzards for all your help throughout this exciting time.”

   Jason Limbrick and Steph Cusack

“ Steph and I were heading away for a couple of days and I knew this was the perfect time to propose, so I wanted to make sure I had the perfect ring to make the holiday one that we would both remember forever…

In the weeks leading up, I went into Blizzards to see Kara. I had an idea of the design and the rest was handled by Kara and Craig. They knew exactly the type of ring I needed and I knew it would be perfect for her. I wanted to have the ring for Steph when I proposed so that she could have the ring to wear from that moment on….

We cannot speak more highly of Kara and the team at Blizzards; they have been fantastic to us. Nothing was too much trouble, everything was organised and the attention to detail was something we appreciated.

We would highly recommend Blizzards Jewellers for your engagement and wedding rings.”

  Ben Francis and Eliza Baxter

“Ben and I met in Echuca seven years ago, since then we have lived in Melbourne and now in Torquay. In June this year travelling up the east coast, Ben proposed at the top of Mt Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, which is one of our favourite spots.

Growing up in Shepparton I have always purchased jewellery from Blizzards and it was no surprise to Ben that this is where I wanted to get my engagement ring from. As soon as we got back from our trip we went in to see Lyn and Craig.

We had an idea in mind, with Craig’s help and multiple drawing he come up with the perfect ring, which he had made in three weeks.

We could not be happier with the ring and service we received at Blizzards and will be returning soon to organise our wedding bands.

Thanks again …”

  Clint McKay and Kirsten Tuzee

“Before Clint proposed to me he had hinted as to what type of engagement ring I would like for when that special occasion arose, so I showed him a picture of the one I had fallen in love with.

He then forwarded the picture to Craig at Blizzards where Clint and Craig organised the design and the diamond, unbeknown to myself. It was six months later that Clint proposed to me in a Bamboo Forest in Maui with the most beautiful ring, far beyond my expectations. Learning what process Clint went through with Craig just gives us so much confidence and took all the stress away. The preferred diamond qualities and the platinum mount, how can two males come up with such a beautiful?

We could not be Happier.”

We are both extremely happy with Blizzards Fine Jewellers. Krystal had hinted on what she always wanted and I had set my self a budget, so I went to Craig sand explained what I needed. After looking at some options, Craig imported an emerald cut diamond that was just what I wanted. Then we worked on the design and had it made into Krystal’s dream ring. Judging from her reaction she was thrilled. Since then they had made our wedding rings to match and we could not be more happier.
Being a pilot, I have access to some of the most famous jewellery stores and diamond districts around the world. I did plenty of research and decided I should give the local Jewellers and opportunity to quote on what I was fairly intent on buying. To my surprise Blizzards were very professional. Not only in price, but their knowledge and access to different qualities and sizes of diamonds was great. Basically evertying I needed I could get here in Shepparton. Now Ally drops in to Blizzards to get engagement ring cleaned when ever she wants and we are currently getting our wedding rings made as well. the finished product was fantastic but it was the Quality service and the price that we really could not faulter.
When Belinda and I announced our engagement my mum and dad said we should go to Blizzards, they would look after us. So we did. Belinda had a design she wanted but it wasn’t in any magazines or pictures. So with Craig’s help they designed it together and put her idea onto paper. We worked out a budget, and Craig imported the main diamond from overseas and then made the ring. Belinda was wrapped! Since then they have made our wedding rings and it has all gone smoothly. Thanks Blizzards.
I took a rish with Anna’s Engagement ring! I had some ideas from magazines and cataogues but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Then I sat down with Craig and gave him my ideas. We chang3ed a few things, and added some others until I was finally happy with a design. It was scary waiting for the finished product but it was worth it. The ring is absolutely stunning and Anna loves it! Thanks Blizzards, we are rapt in your service, quality and Friendliness.
Kate’s engagement ring came about when we were on holiday in Samoa. We read an article on Tanzania and the Tanzanite stone that comes only from there. right then she decided that’s what she wanted for an engagement ring. Finding the design was a little easier however as there were often magazines open on specific pages and pictures of rings left in some obvious places! From there is was easy. I spoke to Craig and he found a fantastic tanzanite and imported it for me to look at. then he handmade the ring based on the pictures and there it was! A beautiful creation that Kate Loves and started all because of our Holiday in Samoa. Great work Blizzards.
Afrulla is from Adelaide and I am from Shepparton. We had a picture of ring we both really liked but it was quite complicated. It was White and Rose Gold with a Champagne Diamond centre and 72 small white diamonds. We thought for sure we would have to get in made in a major city. We had a quote from major Jewellers in Adelaide, so we decided to get a quote in Shepparton as well. Blizzards really won me over. Not only their price but I had trust in what they siad they could and would do. We were so happy, we decided to go with them. We are so happy with our decision the ring is exactly as stunning as we dreamed it woiuld be. Thanks Blizzards.
Thank you Hollie, Craig, and all the staff at Blizzards for your outstanding service. We were very impressed with how you were able to take our ideas and create exactly what we wanted in a short amount of time. Your knowledge and expertise certainly enabled this.

The ring is greatly admired by family and friends and we know we have something truly unique which makes it even more special to us.

A great big ‘thanks’ to Craig and Lyn Blizzard, for taking the time in hleping us create the most beautiful engagement ring. we couldn’t be happier! This decision of having the three Princess Diamonds sure did make our ring stand out. We have had compliment after compliment. The ring had made this fairytale real! So thank you so much and looking forward to creating our wedding bands.
I wanted to surprise Anita when I proposed, and didn’t want to do it empty handed. I had two styles in mind but was unsure of which one to choose. After talking this through with Craig, looking at all the different rings and stone types, I decided the best option was to propose with a beautiful radiant-cut stone and design the ring together once we returned from holiday.

Following on from the proposal, Craig was able to take our ideas and design the perfect ring for us – and didn’t seem to mind working on several designs before we settled on the perfect one! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Craig and his staff at Blizzard’s and we look forward to working with them again soon to create our wedding bands.

Amanda and I met Craig and Lyn when we moved to Shepparton a few years ago so we knew the fantastic reputation Craig had for making quality jewellery. I proposed on New Year’s Eve with a ring Amanda gave to me when we first met in Western Australia. I knew Amanda always had in mind something special for her engagement ring so when her Nan offered to include her family’s Diamonds in the final design we knew we had to approach Craig to help us create something special.

Craig and Amanda looked at a few different designs and emailed back and forth options until we were both happy with the final design and I was able to surprise Amanda again when the engagement ring arrived earlier than anticipated!

We were both thrilled with the final result and will work with Blizzards to design and make our wedding bands.

I first spoke to Craig last Craig last Christmas when I was home in Shepparton shopping for Christmas presents. I told him I was thinking of asking Briony to marry me and I wanted to get the ring from here. The only problem is I now live in the USA which should have made the whole process difficult but it was almost easier for me. I had a very indecisive girlfriend at the time which made getting ideas out of her for her perfect ring impossible. After just a couple of emails and short phone call, Craig was able to take my scattered ideas and turn it into the perfect ring. Briony is in love with the ring and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. He even posted it to me in the USA and tracked its every move, telling me when it should arrive so I could plan the perfect occasion. Thanks to Craig for really going above and beyond what a jeweller would do to help me find the PERFECT ring for our engagement and I will see you soon for the next chapter, the wedding rings.
After two years abroad, Tom decided to propose on our final day of travel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On arrival home, we decided to take our design ideas to Blizzards after hearing several positive recommendations. We wanted a unique ring, ‘old looking, but different, set in rose gold’. Craig was really positive about the concept and we were able to work together to design each element of the ring. Craig took the time to shop around for the best value stones and specifically sourced a cushion cut diamond to add to the old look of the ring. We were continually updated by the Blizzard team and we really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Craig to design the rings.

Thank you to the Blizzard team, in particular Craig for being so helpful and professional throughout the process.

” Jarrod was secretly planning to propose, however he know I would like to choose my own ring. As he didn’t want to propose empty handed, Craig suggested to propose with a silver band, engraved “WILL YOU MARRY ME” and posted it to Jarrod here in Adelaide, in time for the proposal. It was such a great idea and something we will always keep to remind us of the special day.

When designing the actual engagement ring, I was in contact with Craig via email. I sent him some photos of rings I liked and requested some changes to suit my style. Craig was so helpful and knew exactly what I wanted. He then sourced the most amazing diamond which is just stunning. The whole process was so easy. Blizzards service and quality was much more than I expected”

“Craig and the team were great building from my initail ideas’s to create a very special ring. Travelling halp way across the world to propose, I wanted it to be perfect. Hiding the ring for siz weeks while travelling wasn’t easy, and when i did propose in New york on Christmas Eve, Belinda was very suprised and overwhelmed. I know the perfect spot and I had the Perfect ring that Blizzards helped me design.

Craig was very professional and kept me up to date with everything, his advice and knowledge created the ring that Belinda loves. We Both recommend Blizzards Jewellers.

” John and i were window shopping for our engagement ring, when we got talking to Kara and Craig about creating a ring with heart diamonds. My mothers engagement ring has a heart diamond and i have always loved it. After talking through a few options and design elements, Craig came up with the perfect ring design. He then searched the world for two matching heart diamonds and kept John informed throughout the process. Blizzards made us feel special. I recieve compliments from family and friends, and even customers at work. It just glows! We are very happy, thanks Blizzards.”
“There was only one rule I had to follow in purchasing an engagement ring for Melissa, and that was it had to come from Blizzards Jewellers. She had seen their work before and loved it.

Living in Bendigo, I made the trip to Shepparton not really knowing what i wanted or what to expect but Lyn and Craig were more than helpful in assisting me in choosing a design that we thought Melissa would love. Craig kept in contact with me with regular updates on the process of the ring and this continued until the day I picked it up. His help during this time made such a big decision seem so easy.

Melissa loves it! She is so happy with the design and the Princess cut diamond, Craig did a wonderful job and we both could not be happier”

“Lyn and Craig have been family friends my whole life and have supplied Mum and i with some stunning pieces of jewellery over the years. When Marcus proposed, he did so with a “stand-in ring” – a beautiful ring that once belonged to his grandmother – planning all along to allow me to design the “official ” engagement ring with Craig’s input.

Initially, we thought this may be quite a long process, but Craig was exceptionally good at putting my ideas to pape, creating a final piece that was even better than i had imagined. I absolutely love the result-Aquamarine and diamonds, a perfect mix of classic and modern, simple and a little out of the ordinary”