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Blizzards introduces this new Proposal Ring engraved “Will You Marry Me?”

A proposal ring that guards you against perhaps purchasing not the exact design, or wrong colour gold, or wrong shaped diamond.

These rings allow you to propose with the intention of announcing your engagement and then together select/design the ultimate choice of an engagement ring together.

This can keep the element of surprise and eliminate the disappointment of not producing the ring design she has been dreaming of for years, or even since she was a young girl!

Research shows that this Proposal Ring with the words engraved across the top, “Will you marry me?” will be kept as a keepsake forever.

Propose with a Diamond

Proposing with a loose diamond has become quite popular with a lot of men at Blizzards Jewellers as they want to get the special event just right! Most girls give hints about the rings they like and don’t like, but it still can be a daunting task to choose an engagement ring on their own. What colour gold, a solitaire or a cluster design, high-set ring or low, claws or bezel setting, what style did she like?

However, most girls mention they like a certain cut of diamond, e.g. Round (Brilliant cut) Square (Princess), Emerald, Marquise, Oval etc, some mention occasionally, some very often!

Problem solved!! Blizzards can supply or import your special diamond that will suit your budget in the shape of her dreams, presented in a clear-front ring box, then together the couple can come into Blizzards, choose a style they like, or design their own ring to suit her diamond. The diamond her fiancé had the thoughtfulness to choose for his wife-to-be, who will always love her diamond and her engagement ring from this day forth!

You will not find Blizzards’ designs in a neighbouring store, because Blizzards are as individual as you!

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